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The following are full examples of my work and encapsulate what I love about Motion Graphics and Video Production. I provide a full range of services, and specialize in paid social media content, broadcast ready video production, and live event support and design.

Playbook Technologies

All raw video was provided by the client. I am responsible for all video editing and motion graphics, audio sweetening, leveling, and production, as well as music selection and color correction.

L37 Creative

Demo reel of work and select photos from various shows. Pre-pandemic, I had the pleasure of being part of a team that helped create some of the greatest media for broadcast and live events. My duties included Motion Graphics Artist, Video Editor, Media Producer, Audio Designer, Associate Art Director, and Presentation Specialist.

USFoods - Food Fanatics Live

This was one of the largest projects I've ever undertaken: branding an entire stadium! The first video highlights the event and some of the motion graphics for USFoods, held at US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN. The remaining videos are some of the full length renders from the event - one of which was over 28,000 pixels wide!

3M KCI Acelity - Walk In

One of my favorite things to do is create large-scale, motion graphics pieces for live events. This example from KCI Acelity (now owned by 3M) was part of their 2019 National Sales Meeting, and was used as "moveable branding" before, during, and as their event came to a close. Images are provided from a rehearsal to show final scale.

Bliss Dance Space

Sometimes, I take on projects outside of my comfort zone. I feel it is the the only way to grow as an artist. In this case, I was asked to create a brand identity, design a logo, and build an online presence for Bliss Dance Space, a dance community and studio based in Rochester, MN. I had not done web design in almost 15 years and was surprised how much easier it has become.

Bliss Dance Space.jpg